Classroom Resources


The youth of Montserrat have shown that they can excel when resources are provided.  However, given the volcanic devastation, poor economic development, and lack of resources, too many Montserratian youth today are denied the opportunity to prosper and reach their maximum potential.  As such, the MSS Associates aim to provide direct and continued support to the development and advancement to the MSS youth of today.  To achieve this objective, the MSS Association major initiative is to provide much needed resources to the MSS institution.  Our hope is that all MSS alums worldwide will unite to achieve this objective.  In 2010, a classroom of computers was donated along with several barrels of donated supplies.  However, this was just the beginning of what we can do when we come together.  However, our mission remains unchanged:



To increase the amount of books and classroom resources to aid in youth development.



Benefits will include the increasing of awareness of the wider world out side of their domestic environment.  Stimulating an appetite for learning, and developing positive habits at an early age.  We will be aiding in the learning experience and helping to provide a more solid foundation that will remain with children for a lifetime. 


Plan of Action

We will be working with different organizations, foundations, local businesses, MSS Alum world-wide, members of the public in donating needed books and resource to aid in increased educational development.  Please let us know how you can help