About Us

The Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) Association is a registered charity in Montserrat with the objective to work with the youths of Montserrat, by supporting the current MSS Administration, through the donation of education equipment, which will allow for the creation of a modern day classroom. As part of this partnership, we will also be looking to work with children from a younger age, as we recognize the importance of facilitating and encouraging early education within our The Committee.

We the Steering Committee, strongly believe that in order for succession planning, we need to ensure that the youths are given the support that is required to be champions academically but also have the ability to invest in the regeneration of practical skills, that will benefit the future of Montserrat, while aiming to reconnect the MSS alum worldwide in an effort to assist and contribute to the development of today’s MSS youths.

Our School

Salem Campus

Prior to 1928, children on Montserrat went to neighboring islands for secondary schooling. The Government of Montserrat started the Montserrat Grammar School in 1928. However, only boys were able to attend. Then a private school was started for girls’ secondary education in 1932. This indicates that only students from wealthy households were able to access secondary education. Then in 1938 the Montserrat Boys Grammar School merged with the privately owned all girls’ school to form the Montserrat Secondary School. By 1955 the Montserrat Secondary school had a total of 180 enrolled students.

Over the years the Montserrat Secondary School changed location. The former locations included Taylor Street, Church Road, Olveston, Woodsville, Waterworks, Look Out, and then it's current location in Salem.

A big change came to the school in 1986. This change was when the Montserrat Secondary School opened its doors to all students. In that year comprehensive Secondary school was introduced when the common entrance exam was abolished/discontinued. This meant that junior campuses were introduced at Thompson Field, Dagenham, and Salem.

The Montserrat Secondary School is currently the only institution on Montserrat that offers secondary education. Pre-volcano the current site was the location of Montserrat Salem School Salem Campus.

Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) is a school that makes education fun and exciting for children, by hiring the best teachers in the region.

At MSS, students are always reminded that school is not a joke and not a place to fool around. Its motto is,"Qui non proficit, deficit." This piece of writing in Latin means who does not progress, retrogress.

Past Principals

HG Carrington

H. G. Carrington

CT John

Mr. Charles T. John

Oeslyn Jemmotte

Mrs. Oeslyn Jemmotte

Camela Watts

Mrs. Camela Watts

Glen Francis

Mr. Glen Francis

Cherlyn Hogan

Mrs. Cherlyn Hogan

Vincent Browne

Major Vincent Bennett Browne

Peter White

Mr. Peter White

Lucy Fenton

Miss Lucy Fenton

Kathleen Greenaway

Miss Kathleen Greenaway

Alric Taylor

Mr. Alric Taylor