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Our Visit to the MSS Campus


Members of the Montserrat Secondary School Alumni Association with some of the supplies donated to the Ministry of Education for use in the local high school.

03.01.2013 - SALEM, MONTSERRAT

Our Visit to the MSS Campus

On January 3rd 2013 Dorrette Harris and I (Sandrene Ryan) was given a tour of the Montserrat Secondary School campus.  Our purpose for being there was to hand over the new heavy duty copy machine as part of the donation of resources to the school and to take advantage of our time on  island to observe the student utilizing our previous donations  to include computers and other classroom resources.


We were able to visit several classes, spoke directly to the student about their future endeavors and to hear firsthand what/if any challenges the teachers were facing and how we might be able to support them. Although teachers faced challenges we also heard about success stories:

The  teacher’s who  spent the Christmas season painting the classroom by taking his own funds to purchased supplies to paint his classroom, rewired all the desks in the room so that each student has access to plug in their laptops. We also heard the story of another teacher who after preparing her students for the CXC exams, found out one of her brightest couldn’t afford to take the test so she gave that student the money. These are just a few of the amazing generosity of the Montserrat Secondary School faculty and how they would go to any lengths to ensure the students are supported.

Our observations, conversations further led us to see firsthand the limited resources available on campus  for example upon visiting the  students preparing for their physics CXC exams  they had limit equipment in the Physic lab. The library had very little books, the principle  mentioned this is a major  challenge for them because boys were not engaging in reading and need books hat were interactive  in the library for them to read,  the condition was also not conducive with the lack of book, and furniture  and with a total of 352 students attending the school they need more books and a broader range. The overall state left us both amazing overwhelmed, heartbroken but motivated to work with the faculty to see how we can turn this challenge into a positive. Dorrette and I couldn’t help but reminisce about our first years at Dagenham Campus were we met.

We left the campus with a renewed motivation to do all we can to support the faculty and student to fulfill their potentials. They are the future of Montserrat and deserve the best we can collectively offer.

Dorrette further went unto say as part of our talk in some of the class room although face with limited resources the student